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Sampoo Hrudya Kaleya Title Song Cracks

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The Much waiting is over, the Kampuu, Sorry Sampu Babu is back with title song. Ironically he used his name instead of the movie title. We all knew that Sampoornesh Babu created a viral bang on internet with first trailer of Hrudaya Kaleya.. Now he is trying to do one more time.

Sampoo’s viral reach troubled Facebook as many news papers recently published the end of Facebook sighting various reasons. But we now understand that Sampoo is one more time hitting internet especially facebook, so the servers of facebook might crash ending facebook in huge losses. … Just Kidding…

Enjoy the new hero title song from Hrudaya Kaleya…. But don’t forget to share it before watching (at least friends should you have clue what you did before….)

Hrudaya Kaleya Hrudaya Kaleya Trailer Sampoornesh Babu

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