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Sampoornesh Babu Second Trailer?

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sampooSampoornesh Babu, a sensation few months ago is silent currently. He is seriously involved in the making of Hrudaya Kaleyam. Sampoornesh Babu didnt have a beautiful look. Even Though he has brought in every possibility to make himself sensation.

Sampoornesh babu is no where compromising in creating buzz with his film. His film unit is taking a lot of care in hiding the magic involved in the movie. Sampoornesh Babu’s Hrudaya Kaleyam film new trailer is getting ready. Many film personalities wondered at the style of making this film. Sampoornesh Babu has tweeted that Patha trailer ni gurthu chesthu.. Kotha ga marikonni dialogues and visuals tho mee munduku vasthanu. This tweet increased the curiousity in the film nagar.

Lets wait and see how many wonders will Sampoornesh Babu may make again with his film and the new trailer of the film is expected to release soon. The film’s release will also takes place in the month of December.

Hrudaya Kaleya Sampoornesh Babu

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