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Pawan Kalyan Vs Mahesh Babu in Records?

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Pawan-Kalyan-Mahesh-babuIt is heard that Pawan’s remuneration package has begun to touch Rs 25 crores. It is becoming more like the Bollywood star Salman khan and few others.. Pawan Kalyan is the top actor of the Telugu film industry and his performance is valuable and its value increasing day by day and Pawan is so serious now about the piracy issue involved with his recent flick.

Pawan films touched super figures of collections and also it is proved in recent times. Similarly Pawan Kalyan’s film here is crossing all boundaries and creating new records. So the format of his payment is reportedly changing.

Buzz is that producers are approaching Pawan with an offer of remuneration with profit share. With this, he is emerging as the costliest star in south India. But mahesh babu is also likely to accept a remuneration nearly 25crores with Koratala Siva movie with UTV So these stars are the costliest actors..

Mahesh Babu Pawan Kalyan

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