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Actor Nikhil is a Fitness Trainer Now

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nikhilNikhilGenerally we see the film personalities turning into directors or producers and sometimes music directors too. But here is a different case. Nikhil Siddhartha who debuted with Happy Days is making movies continuously hoping for a hit for himself and is currently enjoying the success of his last film Swamy Ra Ra and is presently working on a film Karthikeya which has Swathi playing the female lead role again.

He has surprised his fans by turning in to fitness and dietician expert and he has openly asked his twitter followers to shoot questions so that he will help them to stay in good health by answering to their questions. Ofcourse its funny. He has in fact provided a lot of knowledge regarding fitness and diet and has also bursted few myths and has personally replied to few of his fans through twitter.

He claims to be a Reebok certified trainer and was certified way back in 2006. It’s good to see that film stars share their secret regimes. He is right now working out in gyms to build up his body for his next film. We wish Nikhil all the very best.

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