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Potugadu Telugu Movie Review

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Potugadu Movie (21)Potugadu Movie Review
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Anu Priya, Sakshi Chowdhary, Chandra Mohan, Posani Krishna Murali
Music: Achu
Director: Pawan Wadeyar
Release Date: September 14
Watched in: Khammam

Story Line:
The movie is a remake of the Kannada hit ‘Govindaya Namaha’. The story is that Govind(Manoj) who decides to attempt for suicide because of his four break up love stories. The entire break up stories will be narrated to Posani. But at the end there would be one solid and good reason for break up and finally it will be revealed that Manoj sincerely loves one heroine. This is the story of movie.

Movie Review:
As The movie is a remake of the Kannada hit ‘Govindaya Namaha’ there are no big changes made for this film. Manoj’s mannerisms and his style of over acting and his dialogue delivery is not fresh or natural but audience got entertained with a few comedy bits. The movie didnt entertain viewers. Hero Manoj has imitated his father Mohan Babu’s diction in a few scenes and it didnt suit well.

The pace of the movie is dead slow in the first half and its ok in second half but the dialogues in a few scenes are really extraordinary. B and C center audience will enjoy the double meanings whereas the class audience will not able to get this digested. All the songs have been shot very well in nice locations and with nice choreography.

Locations are nice. Poor editing makes boring in the run. Achu compositions and back ground music lifted the movie to a level. Manchu Manoj has not performed well and showed his over enthusiasm. Also all the four heroines are not attractive or impressive. They too havent performed well. Cinematography is ok. Fights are good. Stunts and thrills are good. There is nothing to watch in the movie and more over this film is a test for our patience.

Verdict: Potugadu is a test for audience.
First Half: Slow and Boring
Second Half: Ok

Consider this film if and only if there is no other alternative for you to pass the time.

Review by: Rayarao Sriram
This review is the opinion of review writer. Please dont judge the movie based on this review. Also let us know your feedback in comments below.


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