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Kamal Hasan is Injured

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viswaroopam2South indian famous actor, universal star Kamal Haasan is now shooting for his dream project  Vishwaroopma 2.. Accidentally he has injured himself in the shooting of the film. Kamal was filming for a fight sequence when he sustained the injuries.

The shooting was halted all  of a sudden and Kamal was taken to a near by hospital immediately for treatment. Though the exact details of his injury are revealed officially, reports suggest that Kamal sustained minor injuries only.

We all knew that Kamal had put his heart and soul into the making of Vishwaroopam and had to go through a lot of hassles to release the film. And somehow he cleared off everything and now Kamal is concentrated on the output of The sequel of his dream project. Lets wish Kamal a speedy recovery.

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