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Telugu Film Industry – After AP Separation

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telugu-moviesThe decision taken by the central government to form separate Telangana state would not have an impact on the Telugu film industry says the film personalities of the industry. The Telugu film industry, which produces about 150 films every year, shifted its base from Madras to Hyderabad in early 1990 time with the government providing several possible benefiter to the industry in producing the movies.

‘I don’t think decision to divide will have any impact. It is going on fine here,’ says Tammareddy Bharadwaj. He added that about 30% of the film shootings do happen in places like Visakhapatnam and other coastal Andhra areas because of their scenic beauty.

He said incentives would be a motivator for the industry in having its presence either in both the states that belong to Telugu people. Observing that it is too early to foresee the future at this time, D Suresh Babu agreed that taxes would play an important role primarily in the Telugu film industry having its base in Hyderabad or in the new AP. ‘As of now, it will be here only, he said.

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