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Action 3D Movie Review

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action-3d“Action 3D”,is a combo of Allari Naresh, Shyam, Vaibhav and Raju Sundaram starring film directed by Anil Sunkara. Neelam, Upadhyeya, Sneha Ullal, Sheena Shahabadi play the lead actresses. The movie produced by Rama Brahmam Sunkara is releasing worldwide on 22ndJune.


Sunil starts narrating the story of four close childhood friends Bava (Allari Naresh), Ajay (Kick Shyam), Shiva (Vaibhav) and Purushoththam (Raju Sundaram) who are having different attitudes. Everyone in this story having their own goals While Bava wants to own a hotel in Goa, Ajay’s marriage is set with his sister in law (Sheena). Shiva is a dentist and he is in love with doctor (Ritu Barmecha). Lastly, Purushoththam a big flirt is married to homely looking woman (Kamna Jethmalani).

These four are arranging a Bachelor Party to enjoy and all four starts their road trip to Goa.mean while in this journey Bava meets his dream girl Geetha (Neelam Upadhyaya). They landing in the funky hotel room, they decide to have fun by forgetting the whole night drinking to their maximum. When they wake up next morning with hangover, strange things happen with a Tiger in Bathroom, Chick in the Hall, a cute looking infant in Trolley and a missing Ajay.

Who kidnapped Ajay? When did Shiva marry a bar dancer (Sneha Ullal)? And Local Don (Sudeep) and a Kidnapper gang enter into the story? What are the reasons for his entry? These all are in rest of the story.


This film is a free-make of Bollywood film “hangover”. In every scene people thought that this is kichidi scene from the hangover. Anil Sunkara is a passionate film maker for the first time risked a high budget to offer a 3D comic film to Telugu audience. 3D effects offered some special experience and very good to see.


Naresh acts as usual before. Raju Sundaram’s action helps to people for making few laughs. Kick Shyam has nothing in his role and Vaibhav is good to see besides Sneha ullal. Scenes of Sudeep, Sunil and Posani are just average. Heroines wise, only Neelam plays a glamorous role among others. Sheena, Kamna, Ritu, Sneha have nothing to talk about their performances. Brahmi, MS Narayana, Ali, Naazar, Master Bharath and remaining artists did justice for their roles.

Technical aspects:

Screenplay, good dialogues and entertaining narration of director Anil sunkara gave more advantage to this film and his brave experiment of introducing 3D to Telugu comedies would have got the justification. First half is a better show than second half in total movie. But it is little uncomfortable to see with children and families.

Verdict: As per Telugu movies now reports, gives rating as 2.5/5

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