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NTR Absence at MAHANADU: Reason

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NTRJr.NTR explained the reason for why he is not attending to TDP’s Mahanadu event at the time of giving tribute to Sr.NTR at NTR Ghat with his wife Pranathi. Jr. NTR said that he has not received any invitation to attend the Mahanadu and it is the reason for his absence.

These words of NTR have raised interest in many, and some are saying that there is no need of getting an invitation for an event conducted by his family members. Everyone thought that may be some other thing is there for his absence. No one knows what the correct reason for this situation is.

While Jr NTR father Hari Krishna atteneded the event who earlier defended & supported Jr. NTR of the flexi issue. Also many are co relating flexi issue with Mahanadu event.

Popular faces in TDP have asked Jr NTR to clarify about the flexi issue and severely warned him about it when Jr NTR has nothing to do with it. Now When he himself says there is no invitation for him from anybody for Mahanadu. Some of them diverting the issue by saying “there is no need of invitation for his own grand father party event”. This has definitely growing eye brows among party cadree!!

Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

Jr NTR and Pranathi Jr NTR Mahanadu Issue Jr. NTR

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