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Long Back Sr.NTR, Now Power Star

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pawanYVS.Chowdary is a Successful Director in Telugu film industry. Every time he says that he was inspired by Sr.NTR words and his encouragement. It’s an open secret that he was a hardcore fan of legend NTR and he got infatuated by films due to NTR. He shared a few words about his relation with NTR on the occasion of NTR’s birthday (on 28th May).

Hari Krishna introduced him to NTR at time of he got first opportunity as a film director, at that time NTR support him and encourage him by saying “Prepare a script for me brother”. Those words were memorable and inspiring to Y.V.S.Chowdary.

Now, YVS Chowdary informed to media there is one more legend in his film career who gave boost to his morale support as a film director, that is none another than POWERSTAR PAWAN KALYAN.And he told the reason as detailed below.

Mega hero camp approached YVS chowdary to launch “Sai Dharma Tej” as a hero.This whole talking was before “Saleem “movie release time but the movie got unfavorable talk. Then YVS sent a message to Pawan Kalyan that drop me as a director and prefer somebody else for Sai Dharam Tej’s launch film.But pawan replied like” dear chowdary,success is not a matter,I belive your confidence and commitment. So you can go with your attitude, always I will be there and I will stand by you.”

YVS decided that after NTR, there is only one person Pawan gave Moral support to him,like How NTR motivated him.

Paawan Kalyan Pawan Supports YVS Pawanism Sr NTR YVS Chowdary

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