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Pawan Kalyan to Power Telugu Desam Party?

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pawan-tdpMany will be shocked or wonders about the news but if sources are believed and if we observe closely, how the things are going from past two weeks, the rumor gains its weight. The Power Star Pawan Kalyan is now may enter in to politics but not in to his mega brother camp. Its the opposition Telugu Desam Party.

Many rumors are coming out from the tollywood and telugu political field saying that stage is all set for Pawan to Join TDP and the mediator for the entire episode is none other than Bala Krishna who is actively participating in the TDP camp!. Not only this, Machilipatnam is the place where Pawan may contest for the election on behlaf of TDP is also on the air.

Earlier Pawan Kalyan met Chandra babu after finishing his PadaYatra. During the meet, Pawan praised Chandra babu for his dedication and fitness for his Yatra of 3000 Kilometers. Chandra Babu also agreed for the Machilipatnam seat which Pawan wanted in his heart.

Pawan who is staying away from the mega camp after the merge of PRP into Congress. Inner talk is that Pawan made some strong marks against YSR and Congress but after the elections Chiranjeevi made decision of merging his party into Congress with out consulting Pawan. Not only Pawan, Naga Babu is also upset with the way how Chiranjeevi made things after elections.

Pawan might be impressed with leadership of TDP cheif Chandra babu and Balayya’s friendship and made his mind towards the TDP. Recentlty there is also speculation about Naga Babu joining the BJP camp.

Ultimately TDP will be on high, If Pawan Kalyan joins TDP. Pawan who works and cares for the society already had great fan following, will definitely help the TDP cadres confidence boost too!. For now it is all rumors, still there is no official words from anyone!! It will be definitely a great news for TDP but a shocker for many!!

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